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Video: Project Niu Overview

Project Niu launches its first ocean drifter buoy from Waimea Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. The sensor drifts north from Hawaii for about four months.

Where’s Niu?

This is a screenshot of where where all the Niu's have traveled throughout the ocean. You can use our interactive tracker to see all the data and zoom in on the map.

Video: Deploying a Niu

A short video of one of the Niu buoys being deployed just off of Oahu's south shore in January 2009. Three Niu's were placed simultaneously in the same location, but took very different journeys.

The Niu Drifter Buoy

This photo shows the latest generation Niu ocean drifter buoy floating off of Oahu. It has an Iridium satellite modem, a GPS, an array of sensors (temperature, pressure, upwelling light, etc.), solar panels that keep it fully charged every day, and even a digital camera.